E-shop construction

Creating an online store is easy, but supporting it is an issue. We can support your online store in all forms and create individualized designs for each season or year. After creating the site we place prices, purchase buttons and link to the cashier of the physical store and the warehouse, thus creating the freedom to deal with the store's sales only, since everything is automatically updated. Below we have product page samples where you customize to your business needs. After all, your online store is open 24 hours and 365 days thus offering a perfect showcase for your products, publications, music creations, photo archives, where you can sell them through your personal site and beyond.

Fashion Designer E-shop

A fashion designer with fine lines and fabrics, a special style that makes a woman stand out.

Fashion Bags E-shop

A store for luxury bags and Brand names.

Women's shoes E-shop

A women's shoe store with purchase suggestions and fantastic designs.

Men’s fashion E-shop

Men's Fashion and Brands travel together to our store and create a personal style for everyone.

Women's E-shop

A women's store that has it all. Incredible designs of colors and sizes to suit the modern woman.

Super Market E-shop

Now the super market has become digital, offering immediate ordering and shipping to the customer's home. Products, discounts, quantities, delivery time are available with one click.

Food E-shop

Modern cooking needs an ideal and flexible ordering. With more options per code and immediate shipping by delivery boy. Speed and efficiency in a website.

-Travel agency,
- Tourism guide,
- Museum guide

Travel planning and guided tours are now simple, now you can only deal with the details of the trip or tour, leaving everything else on your site to choose the right routes and travel destinations, we wish you a good trip or a good tour.

Digital Publishing

Anyone can now freely publish, add to the existing issue or add a new digital form. By selling now on his own site and in his own online store, promoting his work as he wishes.

Digital Archive


Don't let your photo archive become one with spiders, we can now digitize and display all your files in black and white or color.

Digital Music

So far the way music has been sold has been through CD releasing and promoting by record companies. Now you can become completely independent, promote and sell your music through your own site, creating your own platform for high performance, for PCs, for mobile, you can still sell your own Soundtrack or the music you propose for movies.

Hotel Archontiko

Dimitsana Arcadia

The Hotel Archontiko is a new hotel in Dimitsana and aspires to accommodate people who want to enjoy its tranquil and human environment.

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