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Creative Eye is involved in advertising photography, website design and promotion and printing

1. Photography
2. Facebook promotion
3. Web Design
4. Typography
5. E-commerce
6. Registering and promoting your hotel or accommodation with Booking ...

1) Advertising photography

Come together to create images of your products, places and people in your business.
With high resolution we get images with great clarity so better products are displayed.
It is good nowadays to tell the truth and create true images while also gaining the trust of the customers, as this is the goal of any business.
The development of a beautiful but at the same time true image results in highlighting the positives of a business, namely talent, quality, level and efficiency.
 By using things from art, one can better understand the products or services that he has offered.

Ability to transfer Studio to the client.

Some of the areas of advertising photography are hotels - products - fashion - catalogs - jewelry - artwork - special photography - landscapes - publications photography - portraits - industry - food - imports - exports - copies of historical museum books - copies of museum objects - film copies (positive or negative) - archeology.

2) Facebook promotion

Many businesses or individuals use facebook as a means of first viewing either on their personal page or on the professional facebook offering.
We can support the individual or professional page with the photo and advertising promotions given to us by facebook, by placing targeted ads at no extra cost.

3) Web Desing

We can build and support the website depending on the needs of the business on a Tablet PC and phone or even an app

4) Typography

We can print your cards, your corporate brochure, your mixed digital or large directory and banner display.

5) E-commerce

We can build and support your online store by personalizing the site and managing it for you. All applications will also be on your mobile for complete control of your accounting.
1) Store with warehouse and materials
2) Sale of services
3) Sale of printed and digital books
4) Download music download or cd
5) Sale of Magazines in digital form, sale by printing.


6) Registering and promoting your hotel or accommodation with Booking ...

Come and book your hotel or accommodation with Booking, perhaps the most reliable partner in the world. After you have taken the photo and created the account, you are accepting bookings from all over the world by entering the top spots. Transferring from your website to Booking is now easy and reliable.