Job price list.

Select from the tasks below and create the budget for the entire task. You can select the date of execution of the task. In case of additional work you can come back. If you are a registered sales partner, the rate is automatically split by the charge. The following prices include taxes.

Advertising Photography

Photographing shops.

It involves photographing the entire store and the workplace. Internal and external. No restrictions on photos.

for eshop 
per shot.

Image processing for eshop per shot, edited, in all dimensions.

Photographing for
Facebook promotion

Photographs aimed at the look and the banners for the Facebook page.

Hotel photography

Photographing of the whole hotel, venues, services, breakfast, conference rooms, conference wedding support, lecture rooms, Suites, Presidential Facilities.

Photographing and
removing Background

Photographing and editing photos removing Background Suitable for graphic design. Delivery to all file formats.

Banner photography

Banner photography for website, facebook, instagram, linkedin ...

by concept.

Photographing per concept, story or theme or scenario without limitations on shooting

Copy positive film

Copy positive films in digital format and save them to print and view files.


Jewelery photography and processing, delivering the ultimate image in all dimensions.


Photographing artworks, by code, color processing, and ready-to-print images or website.

Publications photo

Publication photo, complete photo shoot for a region album release, etc.


Photographing the interior and exterior of the factory as well as details.

Copies of historical museum books.

Copies of historical museum books.

Copies of museum objects.

Copies of museum objects in a removable studio in the museum area.

Minimum working photography

Minimum working photography per day.

Advertising Videography

Promotional Video.

Promotional Video.

Promotional video
for business premises.

Promotional video for businesses, exterior, interior, objects, products, services.

Video spot
for social.

Video spot for social.

Movie with interviews
and business presentation.

Movie with interviews and business presentation.

Website construction

Build a basic website 

Build a basic website or eshop and link to a physical store.

Page by code
with photoshoot.

Page by code with photoshoot.

Manufacture of electronic directories

Manufacture of electronic directories.

Personal Website presentation

Website that presents the services or the basic products, with the integration of a calendar for meetings or visits.

Sponsored ads on social media

Sponsored Facebook ads 
- instagram 1 month.

Sponsored Facebook ad - instagram, monthly view, location selection,1 month.

Sponsored Facebook ads
- instagram 6 months.

Sponsored Facebook - instagram ad, 6 months view, location selection and photo change.

Sponsored Facebook Ads
- instagram, 1 year view.

Sponsored Facebook Advertising - instagram, 1 year view, location selection and photo change.

Organizing online events and presentations

Online Events and Presentations

One of the best ways to present

Creating live on social media, with the participation of one or more speakers, banners, titles, thematic photos, speaker script, presentation of work, products, services. Creating a seminar, with free participation or for a fee.

- 3 Presentations
- 1 Event
- Basic promotion through the followers of the applications.
- Sort by week
- 1 Page at with 25 photos and buttons that refer to the exhibitor.

- 5 presentations
- 1 Event
- Promotion with sponsored advertising on social media.
- Sort by week
- 1 Page at with 50 photos and buttons that refer to the exhibitor.

- 10 Presentations
- 3 Event
- Promotion with sponsored advertising on social media.
- Sort by week
- 1 Page at with 80 photos and buttons that refer to the exhibitor.

Advertising Flyers

1000 pcs.
Business cards
with graphic design and photography
2 sides 350gr.
with lamination.

Flyers A4 (21x29.7)
4 colors 2 sides
Flyers A3 (29.7X42)
4 colors 2 sides
Flyers 8 pages
4 color CMYK
2 faces 150gr. paper
booklet pin

Finest Travel magazine advertising page

Finest Travel magazine

Advertising page

Select the ad you want to register by uploading logos, photos and texts separately and not in a closed pdf. The advertising pege is one-time for any issue you choose.

Dimitris Kalantzis

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- Let's talk about building a website or online store, payment methods, quantities, store codes and how we can connect the physical store with a digital one.

Advertising Photography

- Let's talk about Photographing your products or services, by category, code, seasonal campaign or annual planning.
Photography is perhaps the most important element in promoting and promoting a business.


- Let's talk about creating a promotional video, one of the best works to reach new customers and update old ones

Social Media

-It is essential after the completion of the work to promote our website on social media, Let's find together which of the 4 basics is right for you and how long you need presence.