Work with us and earn 20% on sales in our price list.

Creative Eye's reseller program is a simple-to-use program that aims to work perfectly with anyone interested in participating, automatically paying 20% off sales. 
Start by registering and after filling in all the fields, then the program automatically creates an account in your name and a sales code.
Copy the code or download the banner that contains your personal link and send it to the interested customer. When the customer opens the link and proceeds to purchase the services, then you automatically credit 20% to your account and place it in the payment method that you have registered. In case of cash or deposit in the business account, then the amount is credited when the payment is made to the company. Creative Eye will send you a banner pdf which will include the sales code. Visit our page in the job price list and find out about our services. You can suggest our page where you judge that someone could use our services. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Book a meeting with  webex for a real communication and analysis of the program.

Registration in the reseller program.

You can proceed with the registration, all your details remain secure in the program and are not transferred to anyone. In the system you can choose how your money will be transferred. As well as placing our banner in your own space.

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