Online Exhibition 

Arts and Creation

November 19 to November 26, 2020

A new big online exhibition of Artists and Creators
with online kiosk, live chatand presentation of the stands.

- Online kiosk.
- Live presentation.
- Online Speakers.
- Project auctions.
- Exhibitors’ offers.


Ticket information

All visitors upon entry to the exhibition are charged 5 € and the ticket includes repeated admission for all days of the exhibition without additional charge.
Daily calendar notifications will be sent.
The visitor can buy his ticket from 24/09/2020 and will be notified at the time of the start of the exhibition.


Participation as an exhibitor

Welcome to the exhibition, the participation includes:
- Creation of a page (kiosk) with 25 art works in dimensions 1920x1440px.
- Live chat with guests,
- Chat for immediate answers to visitors' questions.
- Calendar of presentations of the stand with notifications to all visitors and interested parties.
- Button with all the contact pages of the exhibitor. (website, facebook, linkedin…)
- Participation of  3 projects in an online auction
Entries are accepted until 13/11/2020


Sponsor area

In the area of the sponsors we place a Banner that is a link and transports the visitor to the website of each sponsor. The dimensions of the banner must be 1080X1080 px. The sponsor area is common and you display throughout the website as well as all exhibitors at the bottom of their page.


Online auction of exhibitors' works.

Each exhibitor has the right to participate in the auction with 3 works, from the beginning to the end of the exhibition.
Upon sending the project, the money will be released.
For each entry you must indicate in the description the shipping method and the cost.

Let's start

Welcome to the exhibition.

A unique online exhibition begins.
A fascinating world of Art and creation
shows his talent.
Live webinar, analyzes and offers at each booth.

Contact us.

Live communication with Zoom meeting

Click the Live meeting button and the zoom program will automatically open starting a meeting, where we can discuss the visit, the participation in the exhibition and the participation in the auction.

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Ticket reseller program
Register, promote the link you created and automatically credit your account 1.5 € from each ticket.